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oops! you missed

¡Toros De Gravel!

Canyon Toros de Gravel Mallorca GP was a juicy sangria of two-wheeled challenge in a laid back atmosphere finished off with a rocking fiesta for some muy bueno Type 1 fun.

Sa Calobra, Kap Fomentor, and Puig Mejor were just some of the famous climbs we did not find along the route. Instead, we experienced a Mallorca previously known only to insiders: one of ancient roads built by the Romans, winding coastal trails to secluded beaches, wooded climbs and gripping descents. All in good company to the familiar sound of gravel crunching beneath.

Toros de Gravel 2018 has come and gone. When will it happen next? And where?


Only the finest premium gravel


Toros events are meant to be enjoyed. That’s why there is good food and entertainment. That’s why we kindly ask the meatheads to stay at home.

You might get lost. We might get loud. There could be explosions.


What is next?


We don’t yet know. we are communing with our inner shaman and will eventually come out of the wilderness with the next adventure.

When we do..


GET there and get rad.


Preguntas frecuentes 



What is gravel cycling?

Also known as “lame mountain biking” or “crappy road cycling”, gravel is a variable terrain discipline made infinitely more enjoyable with the proper tire width and frame geometry. Often of longish distance, a drop bar bicycle is therefore most suitable for comfort. Plus the rider behind you can see where the fuck she’s going.

Is Toros de Gravel a race?

No, amigo. Toros is dedicated to fun and adventure with like-minded people. Leave your aggro a casa and ride for fun like you did when you were a kid.

I want to come for a few days, can I ride gravel while I'm there? 

 komoot has great tours of the island and already host 3 approved routes to make solo tours easy. Gravel Mallorca also has great .gpx routes and guided tours. The routes are cheap and a lot of hard work went into making them. Support Marti and co. – Book a tour!

Need a bike? Check out some of the bikes available on list-n-ride!

Will there be enough to eat and drink on the ride?

Absolutely. Each rider will get some all natural fuel courtesy our partner

Chimpanzee Nutrition



What do I bring to this gravel fiesta?


- a bike suitable for off-road riding with 35-45mm tire width.

- a small bikepacking bag with swimming attire and travel towel (both optional)

- a cycle computer with GPS navigation (recommended)

Schwalbe will offer ride support, but bring the usual equipment for punctures and repairs.

 - two water bottles and a small amount of food (in case you get lost or something.)


You are 100% responsible for your own safety!  





SPECIAL Thanks to @tino_pohlmann_photography , @Mr.Pinko and @brooksengland for the toros site And social imagery, for the video support, and @alimemolamolar for the incredible Toros illustration!


We would also like to thank these event partners for material and technical support:



THis october, come ride with us!